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Eric successfully defended his PhD dissertation, and joined Army Research Lab. Congrats!

New Openings

Open Positions:
We currently have open postdoctoral (1), visiting scientist (multiple), PhD student (1-2), and undergraduate research assistant (multiple) positions. For the postdoctoral position, the candidate should have good polymer synthesis, or polymer scattering/microscopy skills and an understanding and knowledge of polymer science. Knowledge/experience of nanoparticle synthesis/properties is a plus. For other positions, the students need to be highly motivated to do research.
One project is generally on the interaction between nanoparticles and crystalline polymer/block copolymers, and the focus of the other project is on understanding the mechanism of ion transport in polymer electrolyte membranes. For more information, please contact Prof. Li at

Welcome visiting professor Haiqing Liu and PhD student Shan Mei!

See Rebecca’s strategy for Mimicking Bone Nanostructure, ACS Nano

The orientation and spatial distribution of nanocrystals in the organic matrix are two distinctive structural characteristics associated with natural bone. Synthetic soft materials have been used to successfully control the orientation of mineral crystals. The spatial distribution of minerals in a synthetic scaffold, however, has yet to be reproduced in a biomimetic manner. Herein, we report using block copolymer-decorated polymer nanofibers to achieve biomineralized fibrils with precise control of both mineral crystal orientation and spatial distribution. Exquisite nanoscale structural control in biomimetic hybrid materials has been demonstrated.

Eric’s perspective #1 “the most read article from Macromolecules” between April and June 2013. Congrats!





New Facebook site: International Discussion Meeting on Polymer Crystallization, 2013, Kyoto

Check out  the new Facebook site on International Discussion Meeting on Polymer Crystallization, 2013, Kyoto 

New NSF grant on polymer electrolyte membrane. Congratulations!


Lithium-ion batteries are the systems of choice for portable electronic devices because they offer high-energy density, flexible and lightweight design and long lifespan. If lithium metal is used to form lithium-metal battery, even higher power densities can be achieved. However, the system proved to be not viable, because the liquid electrolytes currently used can lead to explosion hazards. In order to achieve safe operation for lithium-metal battery, mechanically strong polymer electrolyte membranes with good room temperature ionic conductivity are needed. This grant provides funding for development of a novel nanomanufacturing process, i.e. holographic polymerization, to fabricate such membranes. If successful, this three-year, $375K project will lead to a library of unprecedented polymer electrolyte membranes that enable safe operation of lithium batteries.


Welcome Prof. Juan Manuel Munoz-Guijosa, visiting scholar from Madrid Technical University.

Luke successfully defended his MS thesis, and is joining DuPont, congrats!

Nasreen successfully defended her MS thesis, and is joining Terracycle, congrats!