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Learn about Qiwei’s fantastic solid polymer electrolytes for lithium batteries.

Hybrid solid polymer electrolytes for lithium batteries.

Li Awarded NSF Grant to Study Solid Polymer Electrolytes for Energy Applications. Congrats!


Professor Christopher Li has been awarded a three-year $345,148 grant from the National Science Foundation (CBET-1510092) for “UNS: Ion transport in semicrystalline solid polymer electrolytes.”

To achieve the safe operation and enhanced performance of lithium ion batteries, highly conductive and robust solid polymer electrolytes (SPEs) are needed. The goal of this research is to understand the ion transport mechanism in semicrystalline SPEs for energy device applications. The proposed research will provide a new strategy to design SPEs for energy device applications. These semicrystalline SPEs could be a viable candidate for fabricating next generation safe lithium batteries.

Brittany defended her master’s thesis, and joined Gore. Congratulations!

Frida received Hill Fellowship. Congratulations!

Wenda defended his PhD dissertation. He is joining Princeton Univ. as a post-doc fellow. Congratulations!

We welcome Janette Danella, Jared Ely, Emma Foley, and Emily Krantz to our group. They will conduct their senior design on “Polymer Structure Control in 3D Printing”.

Sarah Gleeson joined our group as a PhD student, welcome!

Chris elected North American Thermal Analysis Society Fellow , congrats!

Shan defended her PhD dissertation, and joined B&D Diagnostics-Preanalytical Systems, congratulations!

We received an NSF grant to investigate polymer single crystal-directed nanoparticle assembly. Congratulations!